Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ETE: The Final Run

It's back and this time, it's come with a vengeance. Starting this time next week, the End Term Theory exams would have begun and I am shit scared! Of course, there's no need to wait for next week because the practical exams are scheduled for this week. How very nice of them.

So, let's have a look at the subjects. This time, it's a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, the good consists of two simple subjects that will not require much preparation. CE-212 comes first to my mind. It takes nothing more than 5-6 hours to study thoroughly and anybody (like me) who's done the tuts regularly will find it easy. Sadly, its practical exam, scheduled for Thursday, will not be the same. Then there's CE-242. Now, this subject can actually be very difficult but because of the highly liberal marking, it's become simple. ITs practical exam, which may or may not happen, if not a matter of worry either.

Now, for the bad. CE-222 comes first to my mind. No, it's not difficult, at least not the theory paper. It's the fact that the paper tends to be very long. And of course, the over-stretched practical, which we haven't even completed yet, and the practical exam that's already caused sparks to fly between the faculty. Oh, and ten tuts to submit by tomorrow. We're screwed! If that's not enough, BM-201 and ES-201 are two dastardly subjects that are infinitely boring and impossible - simply impossible - to master! It'll take some heavy duty ratta maarna to get over these two, although I am optimistic.

Finally, the ugly. IMA-01 has the potential to be the most difficult paper of all, but the prof doesn't let that happen. If he withdraws this privilege however, his paper could pulverize many CGPAs. And then... CE-252. Need I say more? This subject has become so complex since MTE-2 that even the professor has stopped trying to solve questions anymore. But that won't have any bearing on the paper, which is sure to be the worst one yet. I've been studying this for weeks but even then I am supremely confident of blowing it. The only saving grace is that its practical exam may be converted into a simple quiz.

So, with exams over my neck and time running out quickly, this could be my last post till mid-May. But I'll be back with new stuff and of course, the End Year Review. See you then.

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