Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Gift of Bollywood

When you think about it, what actually unites the North, South and Northeast of this vast and diverse country? Cricket? Well yes, but apart from that. Bollywood! During Partition, India and Pakistan started off just about at the same place when it came to movies - with Bombay and Lahore being the twins of the subcontinent's movies. Sixty something years later, Pakistanis sing Bollywood tunes.

It's the ultimate war that we have won, not just without, but also within. We have South Indians who strongly dislike Hindi dominance, we have North Indians who are ignorant about the ways of others part so of the country, and we have our Northeast, which dislike anything and everything that the rest of the country may offer. But Bollywood is the great exception: everybody knows the oldie goldies, the songs our parents grew u listening to and we probably imbibed along like in our mother's womb.

This love for Bollywood was on full display on the way back to IIT Campus. We were a tired lot - the people in the front were particularly lazy and were sick and tired of listening to Mafioso being bashed up by the good citizens. Finally, truce was declared and celebrated with a good old game of antakshari. With Jadoo on our team, we already had a great advantage, not to mention Lovely's penchant for singing old classics. I myself came up with a few old songs and once we finally exhausted every song with an 'H' that we could think of, the clock struck ten - tick, tick - and we had won!

But the music didn't end at that, oh no! We kept going at it until we were truly tired out. You could say we sang ourselves to sleep. All in a good day's work form the people of India!

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