Friday, April 15, 2011

Tough Choice

This was probably the greatest week I've had so far at IIT Roorkee. Check out this schedule:
Sunday: Holiday
Monday: Class
Tuesday: Holiday
Wednesday: Class
Thursday: Holiday
Friday: Class
Saturday: Holiday+Bhawan's Day

So,for every working day, we actually had more than one holiday!

However, I might have made a grave error of judgment this time. From Thursday, I was given a chance to represent IITR at Punjab Engineering College's (PEC) fest for a parliamentary debate. PEC, being an engineering college, isn't that hot on the PD scene (neither are we) but 6that's actually good because our chances of winning are better.

And then there came, out of the blue, an opportunity to jointly compere Bhawan's Day. Now, here's a real dilemma: it's my first, and maybe last, chance in IITR to compere an event, something that I did with finesse in my first year. But this was the last PD of the year and it could cement my place in LitSec.

At the end, I decided that since there were so few people in LitSec anyway, they'd take me again for future events, and I'd have more control over that in third year. But to compere at Bhawan's Day, and probably for the last time in IITR, would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now however, as Bhawan's Day approaches, I'm not sure I made the right decision.

This is going to be a poor Bhawan's Day - that's a fact. We just don't have the kind of infrastructure that the others do and a lot of conditions have been imposed. It has to be really formal because the Director will be there. What's more, the person I was supposed to compere with does not like to work as a team - so we've decided to quietly split the work, although the Bhawan Secy wanted otherwise.

The event is about 36 hours away, I don't have the list of events yet, I haven't invited the girls and Kshitij is still off from being ready before the End-Term Exams. I think I should have just gone to PEC and enjoyed some good debating.

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