Sunday, April 10, 2011

Up and Early

4:20 AM. That's the time that blinked on my mobile phone while the alarm rang out. I'm an early riser by Roorkee standards, but even I had never woken up this early. A cold breeze was blowing, but that was normal. Sadly, very few people knew that and the rest were seen piling on layers of clothing, not realizing that it would get extremely hot as the day progressed.

The poor mess workers were a harried lot because of us. Breakfast at 5:30 AM: that must've been the earliest that they had ever risen in Roorkee too! It was a simple affair: bananas, milk and jam/butter and bread. But it was the first time that it was just the Civil Engineering students there - virtually each and every one. There was also one curious character: a girl. Inside RKB! Well, it was the only girl in M.Tech (Hydraulics) - I Yr, who chose to dine with her classmates than alone at SB.

Once were were done, we waited outside. Five 'deluxe' buses pulled in and we trooped inside them, followed by a head count. One bus went to get the girls, the professors and their families (in KSHP's case). Once done, we left the IIT Campus and began a long journey towards the mountains of Tehri-Garhwal.

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