Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where Were You?

It took 28 years, but it happened at last. After hearing for years about how Kapil's Devils won the World Cup surmounting huge odds to defeat the tall West Indies. In 2011, the mighty Lankans were downed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men in blue.

The who thing has a sort of mythological ring to it: Indian warriors against the powerful forces of Lanka, the tiger and the lion in a battle to the end, and all other wacky ideas that come into my mind when I'm feeling light-headed.

Nonetheless, the final match at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai (the perfect setting) was witnessed by two Presidents and a Prime Minister alongside an ocean of humanity across the world. And when Dhoni hit that final six, it was like a dream. India has won back the World Cup!

Years later, when cricket will still be a major topic of 'serious' discussion, someone much younger, perhaps not even born yet, will ask me what I was doing when Dhoni's men lifted the Cup. I'll say, with pride, that I was in the RKB TV Room, cheering alongside my countrymen.

So, where were you?

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