Friday, May 20, 2011

A Good Sem, A Bad Sem

The fourth semester will go down in history as the toughest semester academically and the mos fun otherwise. The beginning was slow and I was mostly confined to Kshitij and studies. But eventually, we started feeling the heat of the semester. The three-hour long PCE-222 was fun in the beginning and didn't even last three hours, but all that changed once we got to Profile Levelling, which took three and a half hours, no less!

And that's when the semester began to weigh in. Our mornings were jam-packed. It was only a relief that my elective professor was not a stickler for time and hence, there was no strain for that. The LCE-212 class on Thursday suffered due to abysmal attendance until people realised that the Prof is not going to give free present marks.

Tuesday was the most unbearable day because LES-201, LCE-222 and LCE-212 in a row left us so tired that we were in no mood for TCE-242 that followed. Sadly, we had almost all Tuesdays as working days. Wednesdays on the other hand suffered hugely due to the large number of holidays and just as well because TCE-212 was the worst class of all. Let me be frank, we were scared of that class and the old lady who took it. Tuesday nights in the mess would be a discussion of what would happen in her class the next day and we had to study in advance. She never realised that we didn't take notes in class and just scolded us or not bringing our notes!

Fridays ended well with BM-201. In particular, when Finance was underway, it felt like heaven. It got boring in between, but eventually, Marketing made up for that. Only C5 had a bad time on Fridays because of their PCE-222 in the evening, all alone! Now, two classes that I have very little recollection of are P/2 CE-242 and P/2 CE-252. We lost so many practical classes that I'm sure we couldn't do more than four or five or either. P/2 CE-242 was scary in the beginning because we had not idea what we were doing but got better as we went forward. P/2 CE-252 was terrible in the beginning because of all those old instruments, but once we got to the new equipment is was spectacular!

PCE-212 was a serious pain because even now I refuse to accept that as Civil Engineering. It was Chemistry! So as you can see, this semester was a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Three credits remain however. DISC is no big deal, although we came dangerously close to losing some marks here this semester. The only logical reason I can think of as to why we didn't is that the faculty likes our batch! PR-506 was great and I attended just about all the debates (and participated in them too). I just hope I get the grade!

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