Saturday, May 21, 2011

July 19, 2010: The Catastrophe

Oh, that date. It will remain imprinted in my mind forever. It was on that day that I was travelling back to Saharanpur, excited to start a new year and work in In-DePTh and the Literary Club. Unfortunately, those dreams were cut short by news in the waiting room that I had been elevated to Civil Engineering.

And so started a brutal journey to the Roorkee Campus. One thing is for sure: the system at IITR is not designed for two campuses. Moving was a difficult experience, but I think one thing hit me the hardest: leaving the SRE Campus for good, sitting in the front of that mini truck. That gut-wrenching feeling of leaving home for good is familiar to me, but this time, it was much harder.

But the most difficult part about the branch change became apparent in a few days: we were like aliens who landed out of nowhere, without a past and by the looks of it, without a future. The true success of the integration process can be measured by how much this feeling has gone away. But more on that later. The loss of accolades earned during first year dealt a fatal blow to all ambitions.

And so began the long process of re-construction and integration...

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