Monday, May 16, 2011

The Leftists' Fall

Now that they are left with only one state Government in India (in Tripura), it is time for the Left parties to do some serious introspection as to where their ideology stands in modern India.

The youth have one serious, irreconcilable problem with the Left - they are a party of the old that stands for the old. Their leaders are all so old and talk about old things. Stalin, Lenin, Che Guevara: thee are old characters from history whose time was different. Sadly, the Left still clings on to them. In many ways, the Left is out of tune with young India.

The Left has this allergic reaction towards America - they view anything and everything American as some deep conspiracy to destabilize India. This is a remnant of Indira Gandhi's age - hardly in tune with today's generation. Today, most Indians do not see America as a conspirator; many families have relatives living in America and cooperation and free trade are what we seek. The Left speaks of absolute state control when the mood in the country ism in favour of private participation in the economy. In 34 years, land reform is the only achievement of the Left Government in Bengal - but it is simply not enough.

The Left is beginning to lose relevance in India and they must seriously reinvent themselves if they are to survive.

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