Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not So Bad

Despite the hype and fear, some of it generated by me, the Spring Sem ETE didn't go all that badly, barring one exam. Of course, even before the theory papers had begun, we were on our seats' edge because of the practical exams.

Actually, my Ce-212 practical exam went off pretty well. The experiment was simple and I was confident of my answers, while the Viva was better than expected. The same can't be said for the written quizzes for the practicals of CE-242 and CE-252. While I made some silly goof-ups in the former, the latter was such a perfect paper that the final mark is truly representative of practical skills! I only wish I knew what IS784 meant! Lastly, the practical for CE-222 was the best one yet, although the heat did make it uncomfortable. I also recorded my best viva ever with this practical.

Then came the theory papers. CE-212 bombed like hell. It was awful, not just for me but for most of the class. I honestly did not know how to solve a majority of papers and my answers were more guesses. The only disappointment is that the professor had high expectations from me, which I could not live up to. Anyway, it got much better after that. Two days of holidays and then came IMA-01. The exam was a breeze although there might have been a few goof-ups here and there. All the same, I am very happy to have chosen the right elective this semester and enjoyed it.

After a good exam, I wanted more. Sadly, that was not meant to be, because I had to face the Goliath of our subjects: CE-252. I cannot remember a subject apart from electronics in which I have had to study so much. The seniors weren't of much help because they kept fear-mongering, while the professor... well, I'll shut up on that. Anyway, the exam wasn't all that bad really and the post-exam discussion revealed a string of correct answers! Still, you can never be sure...

BM-201 was next and it was by far the most unique exam. It was just a long series of stories in which we had to invent our own fiction and fit it with the question. No other exam I have ever written allowed me to discuss the habits of Arab Dictators or finding love at CCD! Two well-spent hours, although I don't have much expectations for the grade.

Now came the last phase. CE-242 was another make-or-break subject, but the exam went off well. It was mostly theory and the word 'succinctly' added to the confusion! Then, after a holiday, came the last of the trashy subjects that I'd have to take up at IITR. ES-201 reminded me of IITJEE with its objective questions and attached answer sheet, not to mention the signatures that had to be carefully made in certain assigned boxes! If only they'd taken that much trouble to frame good questions. A straight series of questions of the kind "Which rock does this...?" left many baffled and the worst was a GK question (whose answer was 'Digboi'). Nonetheless, I still expect an A+ in this and the exam more or less confirmed that.

And finally, second year came down to CE-222, a subject that is kind to you if you take it seriously. The paper was simple and you had a good deal of choice: answer any four of six questions, plus one compulsory question. Not bad. I thought I would answer one extra question but then I came across a question in which you had to correct angles, find bearings, coordinates ad balanced coordinates, all for 15 marks. The question was massive and encompassed four weeks of practical classes! It took me half an hour to finish and I stopped it at that. The Prof asked us to submit our papers and I happily gave mine, happy that another year had come to an end.

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