Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch Your Step

Congress General Secretary and unofficial Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi seems to be learning from his political mentor Digvijay Singh very well. Sadly, he's learning all the wrong things. In the recent and developing scenario is UP, he might have just gone one step too far.

The so-called Youth Icon declared before the media that women in the villages in Gautama Buddha Nagar (Noida) has been raped and med killed and set on fire by the Mayawati Government's police force. By all standards and yardsticks, this is an allegation of the most serious nature. That he made if before the Prime Minister himself adds to the gravity of the accusations.

Now, after Mayawati challenged Rahul Gandhi over his claims and the media decided to find out the truth for themselves, he seems to have gone back on his word. In a meeting in Varanasi, he chose not to bring up the allegations, although the issue of police brutality was very much on the cards. His party claims that he was misquoted and that he never claimed that there was a mass crematorium in the village, but just a "70-foot" (diameter) pile of ash.

Well now, it would be a rather rude shock if the ash was supposed to be anything but that of human bones and flesh. On CNN-IBN, Digvijay Singh himself claimed to have seen remains of human bones in the pile. If he and his young shishya cannot prove their claims, then they deserve to be punished by the electorate. If the pile wasn't of human remains, what was it - wood? Did Rahul Gandhi meet the Prime Minister of India to complain about a pile of wood ash?

Clearly, Rahul Gandhi has got into Digvijay Singh's games of making stupid, blatant lies and then declaring that he was misquoted. He can try all he wants, but the Gandhi scion had better know that time is ticking away for the 2012 UP Assembly Elections. If Rahul Gandhi fails to achieve his goal of demolishing Mayawati, his entire political career could be in jeopardy. and sticking around with Digvijay Singh is not going to help him.

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