Saturday, June 4, 2011

And Outward Aye We Fled: Part 1

Captain’s Log #142.13.15
18 April, CE 8036
(Scaled to velocity 2.435c)


“Of all the questions ever asked one is fundamental – are we alone?”

The eternal search for the secrets of the universe has driven our civilization ever ahead – to push reality beyond its limits, to find the truth that so far eluded us. But the truth was always closer home; the truth that we are indeed alone in this world. For millions of years, the truth lay hidden in a message. Now, I must share that message with you.

The year was 1912 and Antarctica was the stage for a great race. We all know that Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole but what we don’t know was that it wasn’t the weather that held up Scot; he was help up by a box he found inside a crevice: a strange box, with a message in an alien language. For decades, a small group of scientists struggled to interpret the message on earth, while others believed that it was a message from aliens. The reason the Soviet Union and the United States started the space race was to find a new, advanced ally from another world.

Then, in 2010, the answer was found in a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Presumably, evolution had left a mark. A hitherto unknown language was found to be a close match to that used in the message. The world celebrated a new language, but a small team of scientists were faced with the truth behind our very existence.

The Big Bang was the result of minor distortions in the original form of the Universe that created a dangerous asymmetry. The Big Bang was a way to repair that asymmetry and moments after it, symmetry was restored in all but two respects – space-time and life. They were asymmetries: things that were never supposed to happen. The Universe created black holes to eliminate the space-time asymmetry, but life was much harder to eliminate. So the Universe made itself uninhabitable, a period we on Earth called the Hadean.


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