Thursday, June 16, 2011

The First Leg: Kshitij

As I've already discussed before in the End-Year Review, Kshitij came to be in a most desperate time and I owe a lot to my association with it. Yet, when it comes to understanding just what I owe and to whom, interesting results appear.

I owe a great deal to the seniors who took me in - it was their decision after all - as well as to my peers who accepted me. In a smaller way, I also owe my juniors who did not rake up a storm about seniority. Yet, I believe that my contribution to Kshitij has been strong in my one year. Barring the first one, which was finalised before I joined, I wrote in every single issue. I have given a great deal of time and ensured that the magazine was never delayed on my account. And for that, the seniors have acknowledged me.

For a time, I did imagine being Editor-in-Chief. But now that I think of it, it could not have been me: the Opposition from my own lot would have ensured that. Still, even the (probable) lie that I was considered for Addl. Secretary is enough to soothe me. After all, I seem to be taken seriously enough in the other cells. Destiny held different things for me.

But the question is, what now? Kshitij makes me happier than anything else and I would work hard to see that we bring out three issues next year. I have a bone to pick on the issue of the website, which needs much more attention from the Eds. But now that we have a new Ed-in-Chief, I would not dabble into handling Ed affairs as much as I did in the few weeks before the new posts were announced. As Exec Ed, my job is to write, edit and ask for submissions. Everything else is the Ed-in-Chief's job and I have no intention of taking anything away from him.

But it is true that Kshitij ends next year for me. The pull-out must begin as well. My engagement with it must reduce. Again, since the seniors entrusted me as an Exec Ed, I will perform my duties as Exec Ed vigorously. But nothing beyond that. I do not hold much authority and will not push above my weight. For now, Kshitij remains a leg from which I derive joy, something personal, something deep. I do not intent to change that in any way.

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