Friday, June 24, 2011 is Great!

After Inkfruit and Tradus, I decided to try some online shopping that would actually be of some use. After watching the ad on TV and cross-checking on several blogs, I hit upon Flipkart. Now, this site was different for the simple reason that they would not e-mail newsletters to you and had no special discount coupons. Of course, they were able to offer the great discounts that come with vertical integration but they're a simple, down-to-earth company that was founded by a pair of IITians!

So, I ordered four books:
  • Myth=Mithya, a book that promises to give an insight into Hindu mythology
  • Dracula (yes, the old classic)
  • Down the Road, a collection of short college stories ( a rare genre these days)
  • Chanakya's Chant, a politico-historic story that's making waves currently.
The orders were met well within the time mentioned. In fact, Dracula was supposed to be delivered by 29 June but I got in on 24 June... five days before the expected time! Flipkart has its own delivery service and you can track the order at every stage. Payment was a breeze through SBI Debit Card.

But the packaging was really the best part. Compared to Tradus' lousy packaging and even Inkfruit's (which wasn't so bad), they treated my order like their own. It was so well-packaged (as you can see from the picture above) that even if the truck had dropped off a cliff, i don't think anything would've happened to them! apart from the cardboard, the plastic wrap around the book ensured that it was spanking new.

Good discounts, excellent service and no irritating newsletters and SMSes: Flipkart is clearly the best website I've found for online shopping for books. They sell much more than books but for now, my appetite for online shopping is satiated.

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