Monday, June 20, 2011

More Sycophancy

Yesterday was Rahul Gandhi's birthday and Congress leaders from across the nation demonstrated the extent to which they are ready to indulge in sycophancy to please him. While most state-level leaders celebrated the day based on a farmers theme (after Rahul's now famous deeds in Bhatta-Parsaul, conveniently forgetting the great fiasco that turned out to be), his political mentor Digvijaya Singh declared that by the grace of the Good Lord, Rahul could now assume the post of PM and fulfill his destiny.

The Congress seems to lose all semblance of decency and normalcy when it comes to Rahul Gandhi. When it won an unexpectedly large number of seats from UP in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the entire credit was given to him. But in the 2011 Bihar Assembly Polls, in which he put up a determined campaign only to see a major drubbing, the party blamed it on everyone except Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi has hardly proved himself as anything. He is a career politician but he has hardly spoken out to the world. His election from Amethi is virtually guaranteed given the Congress' stranglehold on that seat, so that he does not have to worry about his first point of contact with the electorate. Rahul Gandhi has consistently refused to join the Union Cabinet, forgetting that Nehru and Indira Gandhi before him had cut their teeth as ministers (Nehru in pre-Independence legislatures, of course). Rahul Gandhi never takes up a cause - he just appears on the scene when there is some noise, performs a few stunts and disappears, leaving everything just the way it was.

Despite these shortcomings, Digvijaya Singh feels that overnight Rahul Gandhi has everything it takes to be Prime Minister, disregarding the experience of his senior colleagues. The Congress today has become a hugely dynastic organization which will pull the country down with it if its whims and fancies are to be followed. Then again, let Rahul Gandhi become PM: his hitherto unproven competence could just sink the Congress forever.

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