Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's next?

Having traveled across the country in my first score, I decided to shortlist a few places that I would love to visit in the next few scores:
  • New York City on New Year's Eve. Just to feel the excitement at Times Square.
  • Pennsylvania, to see the city where American democracy was really born.
  • Rio de Jinero to see - you guessed it - Christ the Redeemer. The statue put up a pretty helping performance when Pratibha Patil came to visit!
  • The Falkland Islands - just to see why Britain would wage war to keep such a remote possession.
  • Durban, to see the place where many Indians came and made South Africa their home at least for some period of time. Not least of them, Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Ethiopia, to have a look at the site where Lucy was discovered, literally going back to my roots.
  • Germany, that mecca of engineering!
  • Auschwitz, to remind myself of the importance of tolerance and peace, which we have come to take for granted today.
  • Israel, one of India's greatest allies and a country that has built itself up well despite everything being against it.
  • Karachi, the other great port of the East during the British Raj. Just to have a look at what Pakistanis declare to be their answer to Bombay.
  • Mumbai: my true home, where my heart it. I want to relive those days and remind myself of the great city that I once lived in.
  • Shillong. As such I would like to visit the entire Northeast, but I should start with what was the original Assam State's capital.
  • Shanghai, to convince myself that Mumbai can never be that good.
  • The Korean Border, just to stand on the South side and thank God that I was born in a democracy.
  • The Tasman Sea, which tells of tales of dangerous winds and sudden storms. With that, i'd also like to see Tasmania, where the Dodo was supposed to have become extinct.

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