Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Good Start, A Bad Start

One week back in Roorkee and I've already had a hailstorm of problems on my head. Of course, the beginning was quite good. It all started at the Airport, where, for the first time ever, I managed to get a seat in the first ten. Of course, that means nothing as such, but it was good to see the air hostesses from so close up :)

A good meeting with friends and a smooth ride to NDLS later, I found myself on Dehra Dun Janshatabdi, which was amazingly on time. A firangi lady was next to us, and she was quite sweet. As we made our way to Roorkee, we realised that the train was actually on time - a hitherto unheard of feat! For the first time ver, I actually saw Roorkee station in the sunlight in the evening (it still sucks).

Then came the rickshaw ride to RKB. This is a dreaded part because the drivers take the shorter but bumpier route, which is a terrible ride. But this time, the UK Police miraculously blocked the route, forcing us to take the longer (and smoother) one! Once in RKB, we saw the hell that was the cloak room. And then started an epic search for luggage. Many people lost some precious goods, and most loose buckets were destroyed. But I managed to get all my stuff, that too within an hour!

But the next day, it all went downhill. First, the confusing registration process, because of which one of my copies was left unsigned (but it was accepted, somehow!). Then, an error on my DD caused a huge flurry that involved a Registered Post, NEFT and a lot of running around. And I that wasn't enough, I got a grade sheet without my proficiency grade and a thoroughly unhelpful bureaucracy to deal with!

However, the good news is that I'm still DR1 by a very slender margin of about 0.012, I've gotten an intern offer from Germany (already!) and Kshitij has started off well. So overall, there were a lot of ups and downs (and there are more to come, especially with NTSE), but then, that's all a part of life. And after meeting some of the new branch changers from DPT, all I can say is that I'm surprised myself by how far I've come!

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