Friday, August 12, 2011

Documentary: The Royal House of Tripura

Nestled away in the Northeastern corner of the Indian Union, the humble state of Tripura stands witness to the grand history of the Kingdom of Twipra. An empire that extended from Chittagong to Myanmar to the Khasi Hills, the Kingdom had a powerful port that opened up to the Bay of Bengal and evoked fear and respect in the Mughals, who were unable to conquer this Kingdom.

Tripura has a rich culture full of myths and stories of great kings. Its modern history begins with the Manikya dynasty and continues with its accession to the Union of India. Now in the landlocked North-East region, Tripura has been jolt5ed by insurgency and an undercurrent of tension between the tribals and non-tribals.

After visiting Sikkim, OTFS returns to Northeast India with an insightful look into the Royal House of Tripura: A History of the Myth and Monarchy of the State of Tripura.

Coming soon on OTFS.

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