Friday, August 26, 2011

A Tale of Too Many Interviews

About a week back, when I met Sailee, Kunal, Keshav and Palak at CED, little did I suspect that I was about to embark upon one of the most tiring aspects of the Cultural Council - the recruitment.

I've already written about what we had to do to get permission to actually enter RJB with the team. But scarcely could we believe the turnout - a jampacked badminton court followed by a few interviews. That was Thursday. We were on it for three hours. That seemed OK. Then came Friday, when we took four hours. But then we realised that we had called so many people for the second round that we would have to start right after on Saturday.

Sadly, with the Ed Chief out for a class, Waqar at home and Zubair incommunicado, I was forced to take the remainder of the first round interviews before lunch. So, effectively, I and Abhinav started at 11 AM on Saturday and, after a lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00 PM, the rest of the team arrived. We worked till 9:00 PM! And I thought Friday was an upper limit! After the last set of interviews, we were so tired out and all our messes had closed. The three of us decided to take the sophomores for a chapo at SP.

Sunday was a holiday and Monday we came back, this time to a new venue - the UG Club. Then began another hectic round of interviews, during which time we also took KB's interviews. The girls were surprisingly good, definitely much better than the boys!

We had stopped counting the number of interviews a long time back, and it finally ended with two - Nipun Sawhney and Amir Raza. The second won was mundane but the first one was by far the most exciting of all. After all this, we still had to take a few more interviews of girls! And then the long line of interviews finally came to an end - and then came a long debate on the final list. More on that later.

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