Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Chapo

One year. One week.One night. The memory of last year, when I was being introduced to Kshitij as the new second year from Saharanpur, the memory of the one grueling week of recruitment, and one chapo to end it all. It felt great to revisit those moments, but this time through the eyes of others.It's always good to meet the first years.

So, here's what I thought about the new team. Despite the losses to WONA, we're still quite pleased. The two girls we got are quite good - their interviews were like a sudden breath of fresh air in an otherwise gloomy environment. As for the boys, they seem fun, yet respectful. Now, will they actually be able to deliver? I certainly think so.

A word on the WONA issue we had this year. We selected two people who applied to Kshitij, one guy and one girl, and told them very specifically that they had to choose either Kshitij or WONA. They told us they would join us and we took their word for it. Sadly, they backed out and joined WONA. The fact that the guy left made me happy because he was not a person I could work with well. However, the girl was a surprise because I was very sure that she could never write in WONA's gossipy style. Anyway, to each unto themselves.

The new recruits have decent geographical reach - one from the South, one from the East, one from the West and the rest from the North: not bad at all. They got along with the group instantly. The Chapo could have been more fun, especially if the third years had shown more liveliness, but then, that's Kshitij's curse. I was very disappointed that none of our Ed seniors showed up though: this is exactly what caused the rot last year.

Because of the lack of seniors, there was a cash crunch, but we did tide over that, for now. The food wasn't great and stealing from PM was the lowest point - that must never happen again. But the gossip with the first years was the best - first at Divine and then on the way back. It brought back memories of another, crazier time, in the DPT auditorium...

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