Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You've Been Nominated

Congratulations on being nominated for OPJEMS.

That was how a short SMS informed me that the Department had chosen me and another classmate, on account of our CGPAs, to write the OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship Online Test 2011.

The test was scheduled for Sep. 4, 2011 - just a day after my MTE-1 ended. Fortunately, the exam was psychometric, which means there's no need to study for it. I wasn't going to, anyway. So, registration, a few SMSes and an e-mail later, I was in the ICC at 10.00 AM, filling up a declaration outside the lab.

11.00 AM and we were asked to log in. 11.01 AM and I am informed that I have already taken the test! So, there goes the concept of online testing and out comes the good old pen and paper test. The questions were very strange, although they were all a permutation of a small number of themes - initiative, consultation, life goals etc. The essays took the cake for fun, and I'll reproduce them in successive posts.

The most difficult question: Which one would you join: Infosys, Dell or Apple? How can anybody actually answer this question?!

So, sure of no chances to be selected whatsoever, I left the hall about 55 minutes after the hour-long exam ended. They gave us a nice pen and a tie-pin with the Tricolour on it - so it was worth the time!

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