Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here Comes Winter

It's that time of the year again, when fans go off, when that cold wind causes yellow leaves to fly around in vortexes. It gets darker sooner now - by six, it's as dark as night. Getting up in the morning is harder - the air is cold, the water is freezing. A trickle of sunlight is a cause of celebration.

It's not quite winter yet - the afternoons are still warm and the sweaters aren't quite out yet. But autumn is definitely here - you can feel it everywhere. Traditionally, the date when autumn begins to give way to winter is Diwali, which was Wednesday last.

Based on autumn, this winter seems to be a very cold one. Last year, we saw one, long cold wave, with the night temperature falling close to zero, making sleep a hard task. The year before that, we had several, small cold waves. This year could be a repeat of what happened two years back, or so my intuition says.

For me, autumn is the best season, even better than Spring. It could be because I love moderate cold, living in a tropical country. Whatever the reason, my favourite season is coming to a close now. The fog hasn't appeared yet, but it can't be very far away. The time has come to snuggle in my blanket and put on those sweaters again. Winter, welcome back.

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