Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lights of Joy

It's called the festival of lights - a time to remember that, whatever be the hindrance, darkness will always give way to light.It's also a time when the country is brilliantly lit up - for thousands of years, people have welcomed Shri Ram after he consummated his exile. We continue to do so today.

Diwali is a fun festival, when people burn their money with crackers. True, it can get over-the-top at times, but even a simple act of lighting a lamp has a powerful significance. Celebrated wildly throughout the country - more in the North than the South or North-East - the festival has recently been celebrated across the world, the with the US Senate passing a resolution to that effect.

Diwali is actually a five-day affair, culminating with the festival of bhai duj. This Diwali, OTFS wishes its readers a prosperous year ahead, with the money being as white as the lights in the sky.

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