Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Coldwave

Waking up is probably the hardest part of all. The warm blanket, the socks, the sweater... all discarded. It's the time of year again when the earth freezes over, when an overpowering cold takes control of the northern parts of the nation.

Last year, we just had one, long, powerful cold wave, in which even sub-Himalayan regions like Roorkee saw the mercury fall to zero on the Celsius scale. But this year, it seems as though we would see a repeat of the winter of 09-10, with a number of small coldwaves spread unevenly.

Still, small is a relative term. Already, the cold is near unbearable, and it's just December. Fact is that the coldest month of the year is inevitable January and that's when the real coldwave is expected. Sadly, over a hundred people have died in North India due to the cold.

As yet another winter chugs on ahead, the shivers and mist are starting to get to you. It seemed fun back in first year - not anymore.  

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