Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lessons in Management

Today is Jan. 8 and we're a dozen days away from Nav Umang. And already, I have a bad feeling about this. The concept itself isn't bad - after all, inter-Bhawan competitions are a common affair in all IITs. Even in Roorkee, Inter-Bhawan Sports Events are a major part of the academic calendar.

The problem lay in the way Nav Umang was branded. It did not try to evoke a sense of rivalry between Bhawans. Instead, it tried to act like a replacement for Thomso. Well, that backfired. The logic was simple - people wanted Thomso, not some patronizing fest that made us seem like school kids. Of course, it's not true, there is an inter-Bhawan rivalry and it shows fiercely during the Inter-Bhawan Sports Meet. But to market it as a replacement for Thomso was silly.

Now, the OC. It consists mostly of people with little experience. But that should not have been an issue. After all, the weight of the powerful Cultural Council and all its experience were behind them. Alas, they failed to see reason. Instead of co-opting us, they tried to subjugate us. Instead of partnering the Council, they sought to enslave us. And as expected, poor management showed.

The meetings. Mostly a waste of time, except maybe the first few. There was one particularly disastrous one, in which the Bhawan Secys were called to have a chat with the event organizers. Hardly any BS' came and those that did never got a chance to talk to the CulSoc people because the OC shooed them away too soon!

Now, the members are expected to book the venues themselves - what a travesty! And to top it all off, they were trying to be stingy with the certificates - that would've killed it. Fortunately, a few timely interventions took care of the problem. Anyway, with nearly one lakh rupees in their kitty, they need not worry anymore. In fact, we hear that we'll get T-shirts too!

In all this, I feel terribly bad for the SAC-P, who is a good man. And that's the problem. Still, we expect some participation from most of the Bhawans. Our event, Halcyon, is pretty simple to organize and the main aim was to spruce up, which we have accomplished. The finish line is a few steps away!

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