Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally, a Good Railway Budget

Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi brought out a Railway Budget that actually looks at the future of India's lifeline. After a whole decade of playing politics, fares have been raised, albeit marginally, so that the railways can actually implement some of the projects and reports it so needs to, particularly on safety.

In my opinion, the reason that Trivedi managed to take the bold step is because he does not come with a regional bias - he is a Gujarati who comes from Bengal. No more politics - a real budget that tries to take a longterm view and bring the Railways back from the brink of death that Mamata Banerjee pushed it towards through uncontrolled populism.

Sadly, the news is that Mamata Banerjee has asked for him to be sacked. Her party has come out against the move, although factually speaking, no great load is being placed on the common man. In fact, for added safety and comfort, the common man is ready to pay 20p extra!

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