Monday, April 2, 2012

Very Bad Timing

Another mid-term, ho hum. You'd think by now I was so used to it that it would make no difference - study a week beforehand, write the exam, forget about it. Alas, this MTE-2 has come at a most inopportune time.Cogni just ended - yes, just one week back, I was all over LHC running MUN with my team: easily the greatest moment of my third year, if not the defining one.

But anyway, that's over. Now we're back to being IITians - which means we have infinite tutorials and exams (especially if you're in Civil at IITR!). Which brings us to CE-332, in which we had the pleasure of receiving four tuts in as many days - in contrast to some subjects where we haven't even reached four tuts!. The subject is not difficult though, and after a good show in MTE-1, I am optimistic.

Similar story for that four-tut subject, IAH-02. The syllabus this time is miniature vis-a-vis last time, which makes it even easier. Yet, losing marks in this subject is pretty easy, so care will have to be taken. Again, CE-354 is also a simple subject with a small syllabus this time, although nobody is sure how we performed in MTE-1, since we never got the papers!

CE-362 is another simple subject, although here too, losing marks at unexpected junctures is commonplace. Still, the weightage for the exam is very low, so not much damage can be done. And then we come to CE-352, the mother of difficult subjects. Virtually nobody understood what's going on; the professor teaches to himself and answers doubts as though he didn't even hear what we asked; the tutor can't answer a single question; and the textbook contains such easy problems that solving it will barely make a dent in the subject! Expect some real surprises in this one... looks like it's all up to the end-term here!

Cogni then, exams now. Oh well, at least we managed to get Sinha's Saturday off!

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