Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Dream Ends in Four Days

Day 1: The Exams just ended today. Phew! What a last exam... I've managed to fill 34 pages in under 3 hours, although the handwriting leaves much to be desired! Well, enough about the exam, it's the post-exam events that mattered. I had plenty to do, of course: and that means just one thing after exams. Packing. But, as I put it to my neighbour, I had social engagements that mattered first.

"Aayega aaj, 7 baje?"

A chapo from me for a very special friend, a junior. I don't usually give proper Prakash-chapos-complete-with-ice-cream but for this one, I just wanted to. It was that gut, senior-y feeling. Yeah, I'm getting old! So, skipping dinner at the mess, I had some great noodles and even greater chats.

That was followed by a night-out with the erstwhile Literary Secretary...

Day 2: So yes, like I was saying, we just kept chatting and chatting about God knows what... the Section, my ascension, Punjabis vs. Maddus, grades... ah, so much! And for some unknown reason, I took a walk with him at 6:00 AM all the way to the EC cirlce!

Got a little shut-eye then. By the evening, Raman invited the Saharanpur guys to dinner on him. So, another night without dinner at the mess! Back in my room, a message: The Great Lit Dinner. But is it for the Debating Club too or have we finally split? A few deliberations here and there and it's decided: LitSec shall stand united!

Day 3: Packing time! The first installment of goods must be loaded into the tractor. Yes, Civil has decided to hire a tractor to ward off hungry rickshaw pullers. It was fun until we got there... getting certain GIGANTIC trunks up to the first floor was a headache. Really, which architect decided to put the cloak room on the first floor?

Painstaking labour... followed by the Great Lit Dinner! Well, not exactly... Estimated Time + 2 hours = no seniors. Really, this is the worst side of LitSec. Fortunately, most of them showed up. So we asked Pillai to mention the coordinates of the BT Dept, made Rathore dance, made Harsh speak in Hyderabadi isshtyle, made Tarun talk about 'Madhya' Pradesh... ah, so much fun! And the food... lip-smacking, one of the best chapos yet!

Day 4: Final packing - another tractor! This time, less social service, just take your stuff and any light stuff you can find. Phew! This is real labour... oh, the fascination of Civil Engineers with labour! And then the final moment, Baridhi's chapo and my gift to him. I never asked for a chapo, but he did insist. And the long walk back to see him off at Govind Bhawan... the longest walk I've ever had at IITR.

Four nights away from my mess. One amazing branch. Superb friends. The best seniors anyone could ask for. A dream of four days. 

Next stop: Munich

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