Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Grand Ending

Well, with all the extra-curricular activities and the sudden explosion of ghissupanti in CE-III, I did plan for my CGPA to take a hit this semester. Unusually, the plan failed this time - not only did I hit, yet again, my highest SGPA and CGPA ever, it was also the highest possible number: the first perfect 10 since I came to IITR!

Some of the grades were on expected line CE-300 was always in the bag, what with the coordinator being in the bag and my speaking skills already well-sharpened in the Debating Club. Speaking of the Debating Club, despite Vinayak's lousy jokes, I did get an A+ in PR-304, but only after Vinayak put up a brave fight against the new faculty adviser. Managing him will be a huge challenge next year.

CE-354 was somewhat expected, particularly since people goofed up the second MTE. But since my ETE was not that great, I was a little worried. But it worked out well. The same goes of IAH-02: I did very well in MTE-1 but everybody did well in MTE-2. But it seems that being the first to come to class did have a positive effect! CE-332 was a pretty close shave, with my MTE marks being good but not great. Of course, my PRS/CWS must have saved me, since I probably got a full score in both.

And then came the surprise: CE-362. My MTE was below what I had expected, the PRS was OK, the PRE was good and the CWS was supposed to bomb, what with the extra emphasis on handwriting! But it seems that I've managed to get the Transportation Engineering Group in my hand, which is what I had hoped for. An A+ here is a great way to begin what I hope will become a career.

And then the shock: an A+ in CE-352. This was one hell of a subject: I failed to understand a word of what I was doing, that IS Code extracted pure hatred from me . I just wanted to get over with it, I goofed up my ETE and God knows what else. And I got an A+! I suspect the reason for this is less my own achievement and more the under-achievement of the rest of the class. But then, that's the flip side of relative grading!

A perfect 10 has pushed my CGPA up to one of the highest ever in the Civil Engineering Department and I will get a cash prize for this. But the real challenge is to keep it going for one more year. And that challenge is named - CE-451!

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