Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Great War 2

Mine war not a normal struggle - I was not among those who tried to race ahead of equals. I started with a huge disadvantage, one that had already defeated me once. And now I was winning... or was I? Till then I was racing ahead with no resistance at all - and then came the politics.

When one wages war, the first sign that one has reached an important juncture is resistance. The Goliath was not unable to take me on directly, but the Axis of the Goliath remained. And it was time I fought them. In that struggle lay the answers to many questions.

The Axis consisted of the unofficial Deputy in the Senior Debating Year and the former Leader. The current leader was my Ally, but refused to properly exercise his authority for fear of being sidelined. Why did my year have such an outrageously low debating strength? Because the former Leader had deliberately prevented more entries, including mine, so that Goliath would have clear path, as it did for Jt. Secretary. Why was I given such a poor grade in second year despite my strong performance? Because I had mistakenly handed my grade to the former Leader instead of the former Additional Secretary, who was my Guru. The aim was to send a warning to me - stay out.

And then the former Leader declared all out war to save Goliath's candidature for Secretary. I fought a lonely war, but I did not give up. I fought back - and my greatest strength was that I had my juniors. Goliath was a monster who would not look below it, the Goliath enjoyed no low-level support at all. I controlled it all. And then the former Leader called for more defences in the form of the Deputy. Now, this was a most crude monster lacking all the political niceties of the former Leader. It was actually very easy to defeat the Deputy, for there was a monster who lacked all logic - and logic matters above all else in the Debating Club.

But the War did not go unnoticed - my blank cheque to run the section was withdrawn by the Secretary till further notice. I was gagged. The Secy needed his Deputy, that was my miscalculation. However, he was also aware that his time was ticking and he needed to clear the succession war. The decisive moment was when the Secy needed to deal with CulSoc and asked his Deputy to do that - she, in turn, asked her Goliath, in an attempt to keep me out. As always, the Goliath showed no interest (which was always its Achilles' Heel). And then the Deputy requested me for help - it was all happening again.

The War was finally one. The Deputy gave up not just after the CulSoc incident but also after a counterattack by my own Allied Forces, who had finally come to my rescue. The Deputy was still crude and disliked me - her continuous taunts are a matter of great irritation - but she did not stand in my way. I have never won the Deputy over, I do not care to, but I was not the one to lose. The Axis of the Goliath was vanquished as the former Leader too chose to end the war as honourably as possible.

The Faculty Advisor interviewed me, a mere formality when just one person applied for the post. And I had won - I was the new Additional Literary Secretary. All the vicious politics, the double-crosses, the historical stains... all of it had been destroyed in one stroke. It was not an armistice nor was it a peace declaration - it was absolute victory.

In my second year, my Guru had asked me to sit next to him as he discussed some important events. He taunted me for a major flaw in error. I hated him and loved him for that. I knew that he meant greater for me. I had won the greatest war I had even waged in IITR. I held supreme control over DebSoc and my junior ally held control over Kshitij.

Third year was won. As a third year.

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