Friday, July 20, 2012

Where It All Began

I am tired. Yes, I have fought. Since the branch change altered my life two years ago, I have fought so many wars that I do not even care to count them anymore. But now, I am truly and in every sense of the word - tired.

Thanks to my German internship, which was a great experience, I could not even have a summer break to calm my senses. I shall have to start running from the word 'Go'. There are several challenges ahead - GRE, TOEFL, Applications, Intern Seminar, Major Project, Minor Project, Placements, managing the new faculty adviser for LitSec, keeping DebSoc alive... there is so much.

But I am willing to fight. Never have I refused to fight a legitimate battle, though I have had to fight several illegitimate ones.

I just know one thing - the symmetrical nature of the world demands that nothing ends until all the open chains are closed; until all the loose ends are bound. My journey, an extraordinary one that has seen me go from the abyss of no return to the heights of glory, from a small campus in Saharanpur to TU Munich, began in one place - DPT, Saharanpur.

I do not know how, I'm not sure if it is even possible, but that is where it began, and that it where it shall end.

(Series Concluded)

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