Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Last Goodbye

Forever with you, forever in your arms
A moment that never ends.
I'll make the pain go away
Take away your sorrows
And then I'll fill my life
With the beauty of your smile.

If I wrote a poem about you
It would have such beauty,
The greatest poem ever written.
You are my fire, my glow, my warmth
You are my courage, my hope, my reason
My wisdom - my inspiration.

These, my words, I give to you
Not to bring tears to your eyes.

I know you will be alone
But this is not goodbye, oh no.
This is my destiny,
And we are but its pawns.

One day you will be mine,
My soul, my life, my all.
And even in this end I see ahead,
A new beginning for you and me.
You will be mine, and I yours,
Forever and ever- till death do us apart.

(For IHS-15: Creative Writing in English)

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