Sunday, August 26, 2012

PM Must Quit

The raging controversy over the so-called Coalgate scam - the opaque allocation of coal blocks to companies causing damage to the exchequer to the tune of Rs. 1.86 lack crore - brings into question once again the legitimacy of the UPA Government, which has caused more tangible and intangible damage to the Republic than any other since Independence.

At the heart of the sad affair is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a man whose once untarnished image now stands in ruins, who was also Minister for Coal back when the allocations were made. A report by the constitutional office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India clearly shows that under him, the Cola Ministry as well as the PMO made undue concessions to companies causing significant loss to the nation.

This scam, the latest in a very long list, is sure to decimate any chances the Congress might see for itself in 2014. So desperate is the party to save itself that clamours for Rahul Gandhi to substitute Manmohan Singh have been growing from within the party itself. But no cosmetic change can save the country - the only solution now is for the Prime Minister to quit, for the Government to step down, for the President to dissolve Parliament and call for fresh elections.

The second UPA Government has always come on the brink of collapse in each and every session of Parliament. But this time, it must not survive, for the good of the nation. The country cannot afford another year of horrible governance and petty corruption. The Prime Minister must step down immediately or forever be remembered as the Congress-crony who let the country fall.

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