Thursday, June 20, 2013


The moment I stepped in, he rushed to me and hugged me.

"I was so afraid you would not come back to Debin! That is why I was so upset that you did not let me go to Syracuse with you," Tiverium said.

"I would never go without seeing you, Tiverium. And I would never go without seeing Landeb-Chymeria."

"How was your time at Syracuse?"

"Enlightening - and wonderful."


"I have learned one lesson - I must never be afraid of who I am or what I seek. I am proud of my origins, but I am also proud of where I have reached. Syracuse was my home, Tiverium, I had to go there. But it is by my own actions that Landeb-Chymeria is my Kingdom. A King must end his reign in his own Kingdom. It might have started there, but it will end here."


The entire royalty of Rorankite, with the exception of the rulers of Syracuse, had assembled in Debin - it was a momentous occasion, the end of an era.

"The end of fifty years of Dolcian rule over Rorankite - but certainly the most prosperous years we have seen!"
"Nay, the end of a great era, the coming of an even greater one under our Emperor Tiverium Osten!"
"Call him Dolcian if you will, but his actions suited the noblest of Rorian traditions, certainly a role model for generations to come!"

The gossip continued in the streets as the common people assembled in their finest attires to witness the event. The Emperor would address his people, royalty, his former cabinet and Assemblymen - everyone, virtually. And then he would ride out. It was eerily similar to how he had been banished from Syracuse, yet there was one fundamental difference - this time, he would leave with his head held high.

"People of Rorankite,

"It has been an honour to have served you. It was under me that the Terms of Confederation were reached and we entered this period of immense prosperity. And I am sure that, as long as we uphold those principles, there will be even greater days to come.

"If I could gift my experience to you to serve you for eternity, I readily would. However, it is my firm belief that there is no better teacher than time. Therefore, I leave you here to trace your own path ahead, sure in the knowledge that our Confederacy remains strong and that my successor, Tiverium Osten, will always keep the interests of the people in mind."

And then he began his walk - the whole audience stood in reverential silence. He was not sad, he did not seem to have any misgivings. He was smiling, greeting those who lined the path on his way. He walked proudly - our greatest ruler.

And then he left the gates, no longer our ruler.

"The Emperor is gone!"
"Long live the Emperor!"

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