Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Spectacular Finish

Attila: The Judgment
By William Napier

The last installment of the Attila trilogy is a worthy conclusion to what has been a riveting journey through the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire, at least its Western half.  Much slower than the last two, but with more suspense than any other, this novel belongs as much to the genre of historical fiction as it does to the psychological thriller.

The writing style of this novel is its crown jewel: slow, but not too slow; detailed, but not overly. The writer rushes through the parts that are insignificant, but devoted chapters to those that are. The brilliance with which military strategy is described, how the battlefield is laid out is simply brilliant. The tension of the long wait to the ultimate battle in Catalonia mirrors the mental tactics of Attila himself as he tries to bog down his opponents with fear.

Overall, the entire Attila trilogy was an ambitious project, well-executed and deserving a place in every library.  

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