Monday, January 6, 2014

The Real Problem with Winter

Most Indians who freshly come to America, in particular the Midwest and New England, absolutely detest the winter because of the biting cold. No wonder than that most of my friends have either gone to India or to California for the Winter Break. However, my problem was never the cold, I quite liked the cold. True, it made it a little hard to go to the gym in the evening, but that was a small price for the otherwise good weather.

And then came this 'Polar Vortex' as they are calling it. Again, the cold is not the issue, it's the snow. Sure, snow looks beautiful and its high albedo presents a wonderful, natural experiment for cool pavement strategies (I'm kidding!). But my problem with snow is when it piles up to mountainous proportions, necessitating a short trek whenever you go out. As if that were not enough, the blizzard that I woke up to on Sunday made visibility too poor to go out, and for two days now, I have been stuck at home, trying my best to work from here but failing to a large extent.

My problem with winter, as it is with the monsoon back in India, is that I can't go out. Even if I turned very courageous (foolhardy, rather) and did, everything is closed! The University was shut today, as was the Public Library. And, since they don't clear all the sidewalks, most places have become inaccessible with a foot of snow to trek through. In this terrible season, just getting along with life has become a headache - I've even had to stock up on food for a few days, similar to some natural disaster!

And thus, Fall remains my favorite season.

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