Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fast-Paced Political Thriller

The Appeal
By John Grisham

The master of the legal thriller dabbles in politics! John Grisham takes us to his home state of Mississippi, the very heart of the Bible Belt, where everyone but the local dogcatcher is elected. At a time when political divisions are so sharp in the US Supreme Court, the book was a good read to understand how the situation is much worse in some states.

Written in his typical style, the story moves slowly at first, gyrating between Mississippi and New York, until it all comes together in well, a rather undramatic ending, but that is also his typical style Some authors believe in unbelievable, feel-good endings; Grisham is not one of them and he should be respected for that.

Particularly charming about the book was the way it depicts how normal people think: easy to manipulate, unable to see through plots. It is the typical story of politics, but played in the wrong place. A wonderful book, overall. 

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