Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome to the New Age

Red Rain
By RL Stine

RL Stine? Ring a bell? The wonderful memories of Goosebumps and Fear Street, which was the theme on which I wrote my own first story, came alive when I discovered that he had ventured into adult fiction as well, with Red Rain. I was extremely excited to read it not just because he was one of my favorite childhood writers, right up there with Enid Blyton, but because I was curious to know whether he had actually managed to make the transition from a children's write to an adult writer.

And I was not disappointed. He keeps his characteristic style of storytelling but does not take us through the childish churning of ghouls and goblins; instead, he mixes horror with drama and suspense for an irresistible novel. It is a little slow at first, with the opening being sub-par, but as the story progresses and the various subplots begin to converge, it becomes difficult to stop reading to the very end.

As always, Stine uses clean, clear language that has always been an asset to a children's writer. But I think as an adult writer, the same strengths apply. Adult horror is not all that a popular genre, but if any one can make it popular, it is RL Stine. 

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