Monday, February 24, 2014

What's Happening in N Korea?

The United Nations recently released horrific accounts of escapees' experience in North Korean torture camps, parallels to which can be seen from Nazi Germany's concentration camps. Ruled by the Communist dictatorship of the Kim-family, a unique hereditary communist regime, North Korea has been known for its opaque and corrupt justice system, but the new revelations are so stark that they cannot be simply brushed aside as business-as-usual.

The world has seen this before, when Nazi Germany incarcerated Jews and minorities in hundreds of concentration camps in what can only be called the greatest crime against humanity committed in history: murder on an industrial scale. The sort of systematic, concerted torture that took place shook the world, shook humanity at its very core. It was because of this that the world created a set of rules for war and humanity itself.

Today, North Korea stands in violation of those rules. It stands against everything that humanity has stood for since the end of World War II. And yet, the great powers of the world, the victors of the great War, are silent on the issue. The strongest blame lies on China, North Korea's one and only ally in the world. It is China's support for the regime that allows it to continue to exist and perpetuate its crimes against humanity. It is imperative for China to consider whether its support to such a brutal regime invites any confidence from its neighbours. After all, if China supports such brutality, does it not imply that if China becomes a hegemon in the region, it too would encourage and even perpetrate such crimes. If China wants people to take its 'peaceful rise' seriously, it will have to show its support for humanity and come out strongly against North Korea. 

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