Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is it a TRS wave?

With all the commotion over the Lok Sabha elections, it is easy to forget that there are also three state elections scheduled to be held simultaneously - Odisha, Sikkim and Andhra Pradesh/Telangana. For the last one, it will be the final election as a unified state before the two are divided in June.

In Telangana though, some interesting political moves have been taking place. Having bitten the bullet and partitioning Andhra Pradesh, the Congress was clearly hoping to merge with the TRS and haul the entire bag of seats from there. However, the TRS has dumped cold water on its plans by refusing to even ally with the Congress.

Clearly, Chandrashekhar Rao is looking to become the first CM of Telangana State and does not want to have anything to do with the Congress in the State Assembly, which can prove to be a fickle ally. It will of course be left to see if the TRS can really generate a wave and bag a majority in the Assembly, or whether it will prove to be a southern version of the JMM. On the ground in Hyderabad though, the TRS enjoys huge support for spearheading the Telangana movement. Even Vijayshanthi's departure to the Congress has not made much of a difference, given that she always had differences with KCR and was possibly going to lose her Medak ticket anyway.

The BJP and TDP seem to have little to do in Telangana, although the BJP will eventually become a force to reckon with because it was the only national party to support the movement on a sustained basis. However, this time, it seems that the TRS is unstoppable. The real question is whether it will join the NDA in the event of the BJP crossing 200 seats, which seems likely. KCR of course has no ideological leanings and the MIM already controls the Muslim vote in and around Hyderabad, so it would not lose anything by joining the NDA.

Clearly, Telangana will be an interesting political event to watch. 

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