Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not his best

The Last Juror
By John Grisham

Well, you can't win 'em all! John Grisham is an amazing writer of legal thrillers, but even he can trip at times - and unfortunately, he tripped over The Last Juror. The story does come with an exciting set of court room scenes of the kind that Grisham is known to conjure up, and the background was such was pretty good too. Here too he chooses his home state of Mississippi in all its glorious chaos of segregation and lawlessness.

One of Grisham's signature techniques is introducing long-winding characters that slowly build up the suspense and the tension before it all comes together nicely. On that count, he does not disappoint, with several characters and scenes, seemingly at a tangent to the principal story. Sadly, they remain tangential and have virtually no role to play - a marked letdown.

This won't be the last Grisham novel that I'll be reading. But I hope it was the worst. 

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