Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ann Coulter is Right

Over the last few months, I've had a view of American politics. I admit, my sources do not exceed The New York Times, Fox News, MSNBC and occasionally CNN, although the last one's endless speculation over MH370 has ticked me off. In this pursuit, I've come across a curious character named Ann Coulter, a conservative celebrity and political commentator (isn't everybody?) who has some very strong views - strong enough to give even Bill O'Reilly a run for his money.

She's said a lot of things and I'm not yet in a position to comment on all of them. However, on the issue of immigration, I find that my views align strongly with her's. Her case is mainly on two points: firstly, illegal aliens should be deported. I am shocked that anybody can actually argue against this position. America indeed is a land of opportunities and a country that has welcomed immigrants to enrich their nation, but that does not mean that America is a lawless country.

It is not that she is against immigration - that would be silly. She is against illegal immigration because of what it is - illegal. And not only should illegal immigrants be stopped from coming through stronger border enforcement, the ones already inside should be deported. Otherwise, there will always remain  a strong incentive to illegally come in. I know some people think I'm being hypocritical, being on a visa myself - to them I would say that I came her legally and will leave legally. Legal immigration is not the question - the illegal one is.

The second issue is on who immigrates legally. On this, the issue is less legal and more moral. She is against those who profess to a hatred of America (Muslims, mainly) to become Americans - which seems perfectly fair in principle, but hard to implement. The reason being, it's very hard to judge how a person is going to think in the future and, having come to America, if they do choose to denounce America, they will be protected under the First Amendment. Therefore, although her sentiment is appreciated, it is impractical. However, she also adds that immigrants should not be living on welfare entitlements from the word 'go.' On this, I not only agree with her but would like to add to it: America should only be offering residence to the very best in the world. Certainly not those who live on welfare, but not even those who are just the average Joe - the smartest and most talented people from the world alone should have a path to American citizenship.

Clearly, in liberal Illinois, it's not a smart move to praise Ann Coulter. However, leftists have always made it unpopular to say things that don't suit their ideas. That doesn't mean that we are bound to comply. 

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