Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diggi's Personal Politics

Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh is in the news for the most unexpected of reasons, his affair with a presenter for Rajya Sabha TV, a married woman who is going to file for divorce. The relationship came out after her account was supposedly hacked and pictures of them began circulating in the media, following which he they were forced to come out in public.

Ordinarily, I would not be going into the personal lives of politicians. Two people have a right to love each (irrespective of gender, I will add) and I have never been one to buy that adultery is criminal. Morally wrong perhaps, but not criminal. However, Mr. Singh's behavior in the last few weeks forces me to speak up about his double standards. For, it was the same former CM of Madhya Pradesh who made such a huge deal out of Narendra Modi's personal life.

But I'm not going to stoop to Singh's level. He is a vile politician who spews venom whenever he opens his mouth. His political career is now entirely dependent on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty's goodwill because he has no base in his home state left; as was clear in the last Assembly Election there, the ruling BJP just has to whip out his photograph to scare people into voting for them. Such a person is expected to practice double standards, asking for his personal life to be kept away from scrutiny while openly talking about Modi's personal life in front of the world. What else can you expect?

What is sickening is the reaction of the media, particularly CNN-IBN's star couple. Rajdeep Sardesia and Sagarika Ghosh spoke up about Modi's wife, going as far as running a whole 'debate' on it (if you call that nonsense a debate). They justified it through their logic, right or wrong, that someone running for public office should be scrutinized. Well, in that case, here we have Digvijaya Singh, former CM and sitting MP in the Rajya Sabha. Does the same logic not apply to him?

This star couple's disgusting embrace of hypocrisy to justify their leftist agenda is the real stunt played here. Double standards has just sunk to a new low. 

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