Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hollywood Kills

I've been listening to some cover collaborations by +Boyce Avenue recently and I took a particular liking to their version of Mylie Cyrus' We Can't Stop, a song which I otherwise would have been unable to listen to, given how ghastly it is. And yet, what is depressing is that it is a good song. After all, it has a sort of rebuke to Mylie's critics:

"Remember only God could judge us."

Again, it is a good song that is just impossible to watch or listen to thanks to what Mylie has done to herself. It is understandable that she wanted to transition from a child star to a serious adult musician, but 'adult' does not necessarily have to mean pornography - the difference between a child and an adult is much more than that, surely?

Mylie presents a typical case where the spin doctors in Hollywood have effectively turned a very talented singer into a laughing stock. This cheap gimmick of twerking left, right and center just to grab eyeballs - it's nothing more than disgusting - coupled with the extremely suggestive outfits she has taken to wearing (if she wears anything at all) paint an act of desperation on the part of a singer who is talented enough not to be desperate. Clearly, there is very little place for real talent in Hollywood. A pity. 

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