Sunday, April 13, 2014

India's Future is in Peril

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Questioning the validity of the Congress-led UPA regime's economic and social policies in the last ten years, it is crucial to remember where it all started in 2004, when a country that had been scarred by poor economic growth and a powerful and expansionist neighbor to the north, burdened by a history of oppressive colonial rule followed by oppressive socialism, seemed all set to trace a new trajectory. Irrespective of religion or caste, there seemed a new hope for the country, a country that could finally stand on its own two feet and raise its head high in the world. A country that could finally fight economic stagnation and poverty that has led to millions of deaths over decades. Farmers in particular were subject to brutal economic repression in the absence of scientific inputs and infrastructure and the vast Indian countryside was turned into a client of the state, dependent on handouts in exchange for their silence. 

Although some members of the UPA administration and their Leftist backers believe that India has progressed greatly in the last decade, most Indians stubbornly refuse to stop seeing their own unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and blatant territorial violation by China and Pakistan. More importantly, they stubbornly refuse to stop putting responsibility on the Congress party and its president, Sonia Gandhi. Such failure of governance is incompatible with the high ideals of the Indian Constitution, that seeks to establish a prosperous state with opportunities for all, and the ideal of collective responsibility of the cabinet that has defined the country's governance till the dictatorship of Sonia Gandhi began. 

The governance of the last decade, which declared that India's minorities had the first rights to her resources and which called for justice to lean in favor of minorities instead of being impartial, is incompatible with India's constitution, which calls for equality of all, in advance of many constitutions across the world.  Were the Congress party's Rahul Gandhi to be elected prime minister, it would spell doom for the Indian dream that has given hope to a people long accustomed to living in hopelessness; it would bode ill for India's future as a nation that strives to stand tall in the comity of nations. And crucially, it would bode ill for the poor children studying in the remotest of villages, who have never seen electricity, clean water or a toilet, for whom the dream of a job and a prosperous future is all that stands between life and death.

Comments: As already written in Opinions 24x7, it is fashionable for leftists to invoke fear among minorities to perpetuate their grip over the poor and the vulnerable. To them, growth, development and jobs are meaningless. In their world view, contrived in the cozy comforts of foreign shores and government-sponsored fellowships, the minority is always under siege and the only way to end this class conflict is not by invoking equality for all but by forcing the majority to bend - and then, when that majority refuses to do so, generating even more fear of majoritarianism and thus perpetuating a vicious cycle. It is important for thinkers on the right, who can see through this con act, to contest their world view and tell people that equality in poverty is no equality at all - no space must be left uncontested to these leftists and self-declared intellectuals, for in their hands lies hypocrisy and destruction. 

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