Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stunningly libelous

The Ghost
By Robert Harris

The Iraq War has generated much heat and commentary on both sides of the Atlantic, with President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair being called everything from liars to war criminals. Perhaps nowhere more has Blair become unpopular than among the left-learning intellectuals of London.One of the reasons for that is nobody believes the official reason for the War and the wild speculation around it is horribly frustrating.

Presenting his version of the cause of the War, Robert Harris presents Adam Lang, former British PM now making a living off writing his memoirs through a ghostwriter while selling himself to the rich, famous and powerful of America. Lang is characterized as a tactful but arrogant person who deeply needs to feel important and is simply fed up of not being PM anymore. Harris makes it perfectly clear that Lang is someone anybody would come to dislike.

But nothing prepares the reader for what is Harris' version of events leading up to the Iraq War. In a massive conspiracy theory that leaves readers in total shock, the novel ends in a manner that would easily be described as libelous to say the least - something that takes not just courage but a deep dislike for Blair. The ending left me on the edge, as everything came together in the most shocking of ways. Certainly a great read! 

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