Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Healthier Semester

The last semester was my first full semester with serious physical exercise in the gym, mostly at the CRCE facility although also at the ARC facility during Spring break.  This stems from my New Years resolution to take physical fitness seriously this year. With about five months of the year over, I am happy to say that, since I came to Champaign, I have lost about 20-25 kg, a huge figure.

And yet, there is so much more to go. Working out has some funny results: I feel more energetic (at least for a few hours after the workout) and less hungry (strangely) and overall, my body feels much better. This is important for a graduate student who lives a rather sedentary life and eats quite a lot of unhealthy (free) food. Working out has also added a disciplined regularity to my schedule since I have to catch the right bus at the right time and everything else is geared around that goal. I spent this semester waking up at 7:30 AM and sleeping at 12:00 midnight just about everyday, an unimaginable feat just a year ago in Roorkee.

The harder part of living a healthy lifestyle though is controlling your diet. I do not intend to go on some zero-carb diet or anything that drastic but a general reduction of portion sizes is certainly underway. It is a challenge to resist things like pizzas and nachos and I can't claim complete success in this field. But having gotten over a nachos-addiction, the process is on.

It was about five years ago when I recognized that physical health was the only pillar of strength that I was lacking in. Since then, very little was done and this is a failure. However, 2014 has already proven to be the one year when I can make a significant stride towards that goal. The process lasted through this semester and will continue by the sheer force of will power - and the lure of watching The Daily Show while working out! 

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