Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Indian of the Year 2013

Indian of the Year 2013

Arvind Kejriwal
For his historic victory over Sheila Dixit in the New Delhi Assembly Constituency, proving that it is still possible to win an election through the force of sheer goodwill and honesty. 

Political Awards
Troublemaker of the Year
Rahul Gandhi
For revealing how his party uses intelligence agencies without even seeing the irony in what he says

Politician of the Year
Shashi Tharoor
For his unexpectedly good tenure as MP, his continuous engagement with his constituents and the way he allows people to approach him, online or off

Memorable Visit of the Year
Hamid Karzai's visit to India
For engaging with the regional superpower and working towards a stable post-2014 scenario in Afghanistan through a strategic partnership agreement

Community Awards
State of the Year
For successful and efficient handling of Cyclone Phailin and thus minimizing deaths and losses from it

City of the Year
New Delhi
For being the epicenter of a revolution in Indian politics and uprooting Sheila Dixit and her government

Media Awards
Best Newspaper
The Times of India 
For its coverage of the Delhi Gang Rape

Best Documentary 
Endgame Afghanistan 
For its insight into the journey of Afghanistan through the American invasion and what the pullout means for its neighbors and the world at large, to Documentary 24x7, NDTV 24x7

Best Movie 
Bombay Talkies 
For a celebration of 100 Years of Indian Cinema through myriad stories about real people

Best Ad 
A Lowe Lintas and Partners ad for Tanishq, for breaking social norms, taking a huge risk and ultimately winning recognition from its target audience

Special Commemorative Award 
Arijit Singh
For a career of extraordinary music

Sports Awards
Sportsperson of the Year 
Vishwanathan Anand
For his excellent track record as Chess World Champion and his spirited defense, albeit in vain, at the 2013 World Championship in Chennai

Team of the Year 
The Indian Kabaddi team 
For winning the 2013 World Championship

Memorable Event 
The Indian Badminton League
For introducing a domestic, corporate league system into Indian badminton and setting the stage for increased participation

Business Awards
Company of the Year 
Micromax India
For creating a silent revolution in the Indian smartphone industry through their cheap smartphones that are giving global brands a run for their money

OTFS Awards
Series of the Year 
Empire in Exile
Our first long story, for the breadth of its imagination and the purity of its message

Documentary of the Year 
The Char Dhams of India
For giving a unique glimpse into one of the most ancient religious traditions in the world

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