Monday, May 5, 2014

Make Amends Now

It just had to happen. Saying 'I told you so' might be appropriate here but it doesn't help. Fourth-graders in Colorado have been caught selling marijuana to their fellow students in the state that has legalized and regulated the drug (Washington is the other state). Of course, this is an offence by even State law and the minors, if reports are to be believed, have been suspended from their elementary school. But the question is really whether this was inevitable.

In Colorado, where weed is now given the same status as alcohol, it is but inevitable for minors to want to try it out. Let's face it, minors drink all the time in direct contravention of the law and they continue to find new ways to avoid detection. However, unlike alcohol, drugs like marijuana pose a significantly higher risk to not just minors but the entire population. The United States has been fighting a war on drugs for decades and has been losing but that does not mean that the meager gains made thus far can be squandered away by the likes of CO and WA.

Although this might seem like an isolated case, there is no telling how fast we are moving towards the tipping point. With marijuana lying around the house, how long do we have till minors get hold of it? The only sane thing to do would be to act now and go back to making weed illegal as it should be before the damage is deep and possibly permanent. American society cannot become a 'high' society, sitting back and smoking weed while the world races ahead of it, while China is all set to displace America as an economic power and, in the near future, as a military power. This is a matter for society to consider as a whole. The damage has been done, but it can be contained. The question is, is society ready to? 

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