Monday, May 26, 2014

Naveen Babu Still Strong

Naveen Pattanaik's Biju Janta Dal (BJD) continued its tight grip on Odisha's politics, winning a record fourth term as CM of the backward eastern state. The result, widely expected, reinforces the trust that people of the State have placed on him. And yet, in the numbers of the BJP and the Congress lies an emerging tale.

In tune with other states except those in the Northeast and Kerala, the Congress' tally in the Assembly fell, showing general disaffection with the Grand Old Party. Surprisingly, the BJP made a comeback in the Assembly, gaining four seats. Although Modi did campaign in the state, the BJD largely held on to its base. The CPI found some support in the Assembly, winning one seat even as it was wiped out nationally.

Therefore, the larger story here is that while the BJD is still powerful, the BJP is rising from underneath. Naveen Pattanaik will have to work doubly to retain his support. 

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