Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Leftists Stand Defeated

The 2014 General Elections will be remembered on an ideological plane for the strength with which India took a sharp shift to the ideological right, defeating the hypocritical and self-defeating ideology of the Left, which, in the last ten years under Sonia Gandhi's dictatorship, had established a vice-like grip on the great nation and left it poorer and questioning itself. 

For too long has India been in the grip of the ideological left, with their collectivism of class warfare. Why does the Left talk of secularism while meddling in every religion's affairs? Because it is the ideology of the left that class conflict is inevitable and that the majority will always do harm to the minority, so the majority has to be put in its place. Why would such an ideology support democracy? As such, it would not and that is what breeds communism. But communism is not the only political means the left employs. In India, the left employs the politics of fear on minorities to sustain itself in the name of secularism. It is behind the cover of secularism then that it perpetuates its divisive agenda.

Economically too, the left has an agenda in line with its social philosophy of class conflict. Because the majority has to be put down, it is imperative to have a big government that controls every aspect of their existence. The aim is not to empower individuals for, if that were to happen, then the majority would be empowered to destroy the minority. Rather, the aim is to sustain the state itself. Therefore, all people must work to sustain the state irrespective of how much it hurts them. Handouts and entitlements, the hallmark of the UPA, are a part of that process to make people entirely dependent on the state.

But how can such a dangerous and divisive philosophy possibly find acceptance from the masses in a democratic framework. The answer lies in the most basic shortcoming of democracy itself: people do not vote on facts but on beliefs. Therefore, in order to sustain a leftist agenda, it is important to manufacture beliefs and this is done through an extensive network of journalists and so-called intellectuals who extol the virtues of a monstrous state while contributing next to nothing to society itself and living off hard-working people as only parasites do.

With the 2014 General Elections, India has broken free of this leftist trap. The ideology of the right has prevailed - there is no majority and no minority. Every individual is a majority of one. The only role of the state is to enable individuals to grow and not sustain itself. Inequality does not end by forcing equality down the throats of the majority (that actually perpetuates it) but by enabling every individual to grow on their own and treating everyone as an individual and not as a collective. Inequality does not end by cutting the pie into pieces for different collectives and allocating prosperity based on political exigencies; inequality ends when each individual can grow the pie according to their abilities. It is this fundamental difference in ideology that was tested in these elections and the results are out for everyone to see. 

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